Why American Journeys Pet Food Is So Popular

american journey dog food

American Journey Dog Food was founded on a commitment to provide dog owners with high-quality, natural dog foods that are nutritionally balanced. HEALTH BENEFITS is our top selling line of food. They use all natural ingredients including fish oil, which is known to promote good health. Premium dog food with no corn, soy or wheat.

Health Benefits Premium dog food has no wheat, corn or soy. High quality ingredients and healthy nutrition you can count on. Premium American journey dog food comes in bags and containers (not bags and cans) for easy hand feeding of your beloved canine. You can prepare all your dog’s meals in the comfort of your own home.

An Overview

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Unique Ingredients The first ingredient in this healthy, premium American journey dog brand is real chicken meal. Chicken meal is the best source of protein your dog needs for healthy growth and energy. Another ingredient is Oatmeal, another quality ingredient used in premium human grade dog foods. The combination of these two ingredients provides a nutrient-rich, healthy choice for your dog.

No More Recalls Our mission at American journey dog nutrition is to make sure your dog is healthy and has no reason to suffer from food-related illnesses. We don’t want more American puppies being born with life-threatening defects. That is why we focus on using the very best ingredients and manufacturing methods, ensuring your puppy receives only the very safest dog food possible. We don’t tolerate recalls and want to work with the most humane manufacturers to ensure your dog is safe.

Facts About American Journey’s Pet Food

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Biodynamic Ingredients Our mission at American pet supply companies is to only use the best, highest quality, healthiest meat sources, as well as plant-based and herbal supplements, which are specifically selected to support the optimal health of your pet. This means no more antibiotics, preservatives or added vegetable oils. These harmful chemicals can be potentially fatal to dogs under the wrong conditions. Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality food products, made with biodynamic farming methods, to ensure your dog receives everything it needs to be in the best of health.

Niacin A common supplement in many American-made pet food brands, niacin was used as an inexpensive preservative until veterinarian complaints were made about the negative impact it had on dogs. Niacin is actually an essential amino acid that provides a high level of protein content, which is required for good overall health. Niacin is available separately in both a pet supplement and dry form and is included in all of our products.

Flaxseed Oil One of the highest quality natural sources of healthy fatty acids, flax seed provides an exceptional source of Omega 3 fatty acids, along with essential fatty acids. Our fish, poultry and plant sources of protein are supplementing with this fatty acid to help keep our dogs healthy. It is also necessary for the proper function of all the organs in the body. It is one of the three formulas we use in American Journey Dog Food. You will find flax seed in most of our other premium products too.

In The End

Rice and Oats We have two national organizations that work hard to improve the nutritional value of pet owners’ diets, and they are the Corn Products Association and the National Association of Dog Lovers, and they are the ones who do the nutritional check price of our products. The nutritional content is determined by weighing and measuring the grains and ingredients to make sure the correct dosing guidelines were followed. Each and every brand of American Journeys products has been independently verified to be in line with AAFCO nutrition standards. The main goal is to provide our pet owners with the highest quality pet food available in a nutritionally balanced, low-fat, low-cholesterol, high-fiber diet. There is no question why American Journeys pet food has become so popular!

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