What to Look For When Searching For the Best Salt Lake City Dog Day Care

dog day care salt lake city

If you have a dog and are thinking about taking him to a dog day care, you should do your homework and research the facility before you send him there. One of the things that you need to know is that not all dog day care facilities are created equally. There are a number of critical factors that can determine how well your dog is cared for. Being prepared to ask some questions will go a long way in helping you make the right choice for your dog. Here are some things that you should be made aware of.

Dog Day Care Salt Lake City

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Are they licensed? – No matter where you send your dog to day care, whether it is in Salt Lake City or another city, he will need to have an official license. The city of Salt Lake has licensing regulations that are stricter than those in many cities in the United States. In order to care for dogs properly, it is important that they have a license to do so. A dog day care that does not have a license is not legitimate and may not provide your dog with the proper care that he deserves.

What Kinds Of Animals Are They Housing?

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You should make sure that the facility where your dog will go to day care has a sufficient amount of space for the number of dogs that they house. They should have enough space for each breed and age of the dog. There should be separate areas for puppies and older dogs. The conditions of these spaces should be kept clean at all times and sanitized at all times. All dog owners should be made aware of any rules or policies that are put into place regarding the housing of their dogs.

What Kind Of Training Have They Had?

Before sending your dog to a facility, it is important that you find out if they have had any training on how to care for dogs. Not only can your dog suffer from neglect, but other dogs that come in contact with your dog can also be in danger. By making sure that the facility where your dog will spend his day has had adequate training in this area, you are giving your pet the best chance at a happy and healthy life.

How Is Their Behavior At The Facility?

Do they allow your dog to be alone and let him explore the surroundings? Does the facility have any policies in place that address the issue of excessive barking or destructive chewing by dogs? Excessive barking can be a sign of boredom, anxiety, or other emotional issues that could be affecting your dog.

How Is Their Behavior At The Facility?

Having comfortable amenities is important for both you and your dog. In addition, when your dog is away from home, he needs a way to unwind and relax. A good dog day care facility will offer a variety of different amenities that will give him a chance to do so. Most facilities will also have designated areas for your dog to sleep and relax.

Is The Staff Friendly And Qualified?

You should always be concerned about the qualifications and competence of the people who are running any dog day care facility. You want to know that they have experience dealing with dogs of all ages and that they have an interest and knowledge in working with dogs of all types.

Bottom Line

Does the facility have a healthy and active program? – There should be a well-balanced program of exercise for your dog as well as some form of physical activity. In fact, exercising your dog will help keep them physically fit, which is something your dog will appreciate and look forward to. A good saltwater dog care facility will make sure its members are in good shape and can provide a wealth of enjoyment for your dog.

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