What Is The Best High Fiber Dog Food For Senior Dogs

high fiber dog food

What is the best high fiber dog food? This question has been bugging pet owners since the dawn of time. Dogs are naturally inquisitive and curious by nature. They love to explore, and that curiosity can often get them into trouble. While many dog foods contain just the right amount of protein, phosphorus, and fat, there is so much more to be found in a high quality food that really provides the nutrients your dog needs to stay healthy.

Nutro Premium Line 

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If you are looking for the best high fiber dog food topper or combination pack to help your pooch maintain an appropriate weight, look no further than Nutro. Since 1965, the award-winning Nutro premium line has sold millions of Nutro dog food toppers and combination packs. These high fiber dog treats are designed to keep dogs trim, energized, and well balanced throughout the day. Now there is a pumpkin dog biscuit for every dog!

High-fiber diets are known to promote better digestion and more energy, but do they improve overall health? The answer is a great deal depends on the severity of your pet’s condition. While many high fiber dog foods have added fiber, there is usually additional fiber needed from diet and some of these high fiber foods are not as beneficial to dogs with digestive disorders as other lower fiber foods. There is always the option of feeding your dog a special diet high in fiber to address the problem of constipation or diarrhea. Most dogs are capable of following a basic high fiber dog food diet.

Special Blend Of Natural Probiotics

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To address the problems of digestive issues, some of the best high fiber dog food is formulated with a special blend of natural probiotics. Probiotics are living microorganisms that are beneficial to dogs. They work to reduce an imbalance in the ecosystem, one of the most common causes of canine diarrhea and other digestive issues. Because probiotics are living organisms, they are also vital to a dogs’ health.

Some of the best high fiber dog food uses a special blend of ingredients that includes a variety of vegetables. Among the best choices include cooked sweet potatoes, red beets, turnips, and carrots. Other good options include brown rice, wheat, and peas. The addition of probiotics provides additional support to the immune system by helping to rebuild depleted intestinal lining. In addition, a diet high in vegetable protein improves digestion.

Helps To Regulate Bowel Movements

Because dogs are susceptible to a wide range of diseases and can end up with a number of illnesses over their lifetime, a high fiber diet can help to regulate bowel movements. Many dogs that are constipated are also prone to allergies. In order to help regulate bowel movements and prevent allergies, it is important to feed your pooch high fiber dog food. This will help to keep the intestines healthy, which helps to prevent constipation and other problems. A high fiber diet is also important for preventing colic since it helps to keep the stomach content at a normal level and so decreases gas production.

Final Words

Because dogs have a woolly digestive system, it is important to ensure that they get all of the nutrients they need. Fortunately, this is easily done by using a high fiber dog food that contains many of the same healthy ingredients as human foods, yet are also naturally high in fiber. Good choices to look for include chicken or turkey as the main ingredient, along with a variety of vegetables like peas, celery, beans, and potatoes. Other great options include sweet potatoes, carrots, beets, apples, and green peas. The high fiber content of these ingredients helps to keep digestion regular while also providing the much needed antioxidants to cleanse the system out.

The best high fiber dog food for senior dogs may not be the most expensive product on the market. It is certainly worth the money though, as it will provide a number of health benefits for your pet. Just make sure you read the label carefully and that you get a brand that contains live enzymes. This is the type of ingredient that allows the food to digest better, which means your dog will get more of the vitamins and nutrients he needs. In addition, you want to be sure you are feeding your senior dog top quality dry food, such as those produced by Hi-Chew, which has a list of trusted ingredients that will support senior dogs all throughout their lives.

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