Top 10 Grain Free Dog Food Pet Owners Should Know Of

Grain Free Dog Food

Grains are not part of the natural diets of dogs. Like their ancestors, they are likely carnivorous, too and dog foods filled with grain-based ingredients are abound in the pet market. If you want to make sure that you feed your pets the best there is, this list of the best grain free dog food should help.

1. Taste of the Wild Grain Free High Protein Food for Dogs

This product is best known for offering doggies a hypoallergenic diet. It contains protein from highly unusual meat products, such as venison, bison, lamb, wildfowl, boar, salmon, and lamb. The Taste of the Wild even excluded chicken and beef from their list of ingredients. This particular dog food is free from allergens, enriched with minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, and tastes great.

Satisfied with Grain Free Dog Food
Satisfied with Grain Free Dog Food

2. Wellness Core Grain Free Kibble

This dog kibble is mostly made of fish and fish meal, which are healthy sources of protein. Its top ingredients include herring meal, whitefish, fish meal, salmon meal, menhaden fish, and peas. This kibble might also serve as a great treat during dog training.

3. Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Dry Food for Dogs

While some variants from Wellness Core still contain chicken, there are other grain free dog food variants that are completely hypoallergenic, such as the Wild Game Duck, Turkey, Boar & Rabbit variant, as well as the Ocean Whitefish, Herring, & Salmon variant. The best thing about this brand’s grain free products too is that they contain glucosamine and chondroitin, which are good for joint health and the relief of arthritis and hip dysplasia. If your dog has joint problems, this might be a good food option for your pet.

4. Orijen Grain Free Dry Food for Dogs

Orijen formulated this dog food in such a way that its protein sources are mostly whole Atlantic herring, whole Atlantic mackerel, Acadian redfish, and monkfish. It also contains flounder. While you may try to look for affordable veterinarian services, you should at least splurge on what your pet eats.

5. Blue Wilderness Adult Grain Free Salmon Dry Food for Dogs

This dog kibble contains just enough vitamins and minerals to maintain your dog’s oxidative balance. You might want to go for the Salmon and Duck variants, though, if you want to maintain your dog’s hypoallergenic diet. This dog food is free of soy, corn, and wheat. It helps promote joint health in pups.

6. Merrick Grain Free Dry Food

Most of this dog food’s protein is sourced from rabbit, venison, lamb, buffalo, salmon, and duck. However, some variants do have chicken and beef, something that you should avoid. This Merrick formulation also includes omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, which boost immunity and fight inflammation. It has chondroitin and glucosamine for joint health, as well as beneficial bacteria for digestive health.

7. AvoDerm Natural Dog Food

This grain free dog food is best for dogs with kidney health issues. It has high-quality protein but low fat content. What’s interesting is its avocado content, a superfood that can help promote dog health.

8. Canidae Grain Free Food for Dogs

Most of the protein found in this Canidae dog food comes from poultry and lamb. Its top ingredients include lamb, chicken meal, turkey, garbanzo beans, and sweet potatoes.

9. Nulo Freestyle Grain Free Food for Dogs

You can expect your dog to get protein from turkey meal, salmon, and menhaden fish meal. It also contains sweet potato and whole peas. It has a 53% fat-to-protein ratio.

Grain Free Dog Food for Happy Pooches
Grain Free Dog Food for Happy Pooches

10. Instinct Original Grain Free Food for Dogs With Real Rabbit

Protein sources included in this dog food include real rabbit, menhaden fish meal, and salmon meal. Dogs of all life stages can eat this particular variant.

Give your dog the best food there is. By making sure that they are eating healthy, you’re also ensuring that they remain by your side for as long as possible.

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