Tips On Improving Animal Behavior

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Improving animal behavior becomes your primary concern when your pet is often aggressive, scared or unruly. During such circumstances, it might get tough for you to train your pet. You should then work upon improving animal behavior to make them more obedient. Dogs have no moral sense and might find nothing wrong in chewing on your footwear. But you can distract them by giving a cookie to chew. But this will also get a wrong message in their heads that whenever they want a cookie, they will chew on your footwear! So how can you improve their behavior?

Improving Animal Behavior By Preventing Boredom

A dog starts chewing or digging when they are bored. If you want to work on improving their behavior, you have got to provide your dog with ample entertainment and exercise.

Tips On Improving Animal Behavior

Analyze Problematic Behavior

Once you have analyzed the problematic behavior of your dog, you need to work on improving it. Think about correcting it immediately. The longer you postpone, the harder it will get to rectify it. If a certain habit gets impossible to handle, you might need the help of a professional trainer.

Controlling Aggression

While you may want to train your dog into a very obedient pet, you need to keep in mind that not every aggression is a sign of attack. Aggressive behavior such as baring its teeth at you when you reach out for its collar to get it off your furniture or bed can be quite annoying. But if you show anger, your dog might turn even more aggressive. If your dog has aggressive tendencies, then you might have to work upon improving temperament with a completely different approach. Start by setting limits, rewarding positive behavior, and not hugging your pet. If these subtle behavior changes on your part do not change your pet, you might have to consult a professional.

Tips On Improving Animal Behavior
Tips On Improving Animal Behavior

Excessive Barking Or Whining

If you or your neighbors get irritated with the constant barking or whining of your dog, then you might have to change this behavior pattern. Remember, dogs bark because it is fun and they can only vocalize that way. When you yell (or bark in a dog’s language), you give him a message to bark louder. You can correct this behavior by teaching him commands like ‘hush’ or ‘quiet’. You should also teach him commands like ‘speak’ or ‘bark’ to let him know that he can bark on such commands.


Dogs need to chew. It is the way they are made. You need to accept this fact and fulfill your dog’s chewing needs by giving him chew toys. These will prevent him from chewing furniture, footwear or other stuff around the house. You can put him in his crate and confine him with his chew toys until he understands that he cannot chew on anything else.


Digging, just like chewing, is a natural canine instinct. To fulfill your dog’s digging needs, you can encourage him to dig in a particular spot in your yard. Encourage him to use that same spot to bury something, dig, and play. Praise him when he finds something from the digging spot.

All these tips can be used for improving pet behavior. If you find your pet to be too badly behaved, the aggression can escalate if you try to control them. In such cases, it is best to consult a professional animal trainer or expert.

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