The Secret to Keeping Your Dog Cool During the Summer Months

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A snuffle mat is an ingenious enrichment product designed especially for dogs to aid in making their meal time a more enjoyable experience. Made of durable nylon or cotton blend, these doggie mittens offer a soft, cushioned surface that keeps your dog’s paws warm and dry, while also limiting the damage they may cause to your furniture, linens, and curtains. These mittens are made of such a simple design that they make an excellent addition to any doggie’s everyday routine. Often utilized to slow down fast chewers, this ingenious fabric feeder is an effective alternative to an actual dog bowl. Made to fit most standard sized dogs, most manufacturers allow you to interchange the mat’s size to prevent discomfort as well as limiting the damage that a pet can cause to your sofa, curtains, and other upholstered items.

How to Keep your Dog Cool in Summers

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A snuffle mat offers you many benefits, which makes them a wise investment for your doggie friends. The first benefit is that it provides a simple and efficient method of providing warmth. Because it is made of a soft, cushioned rubber material, it wraps your canine’s feet in warmth and comfort. Unlike a blanket, it doesn’t just provide insulation, but actually has a thermal properties that keeps your furniture from getting too hot, even during prolonged periods of standing or sitting. Best of all, because it is made out of a breathable rubber, your dog will have maximum comfort, allowing him or her to simply walk around on your floor for hours without getting too hot or uncomfortable.

Another benefit of snuffle mats is that they are easy to clean. Rather than use a bulky and potentially harmful dog shampoo or brushing solution, you can simply wash your pet’s paws in the machine. With so many different brands and styles to choose from, there’s a good chance that your local pet store carries a variety of rubber mittens. When purchasing one from your vet, be sure to ask about washable mats. Not only will these save you the hassle of washing your pet’s paws multiple times, but they’re also easier to clean than traditional dog shampoos and brushes. Simply run a few under the lint roller, then wash them in the washing machine on a gentle cycle.

A snuffle mat can come in two different types of fabrics: polyester or vinyl. Although both materials are similar in appearance and function, they are slightly different. Polyester tends to be warmer and more comfortable than vinyl. Due to its construction, most often comes in smaller squares, allowing several dogs to stand on one blanket at the same time.

Both types of snuffle mats are usually coated with a weather-resistant finish. This helps to protect your furniture, and it also helps to repel dust and moisture. Because of their durability, they can be used outdoors for extended periods of time. For dogs with long, dark coats, this can be an excellent way to keep them cool and cozy during the colder months. The coating also prevents your furniture from cracking during inclement weather.

There are several different types of dog treats available that can double as a snuffle mats replacement. By using treats as a mat, you can keep your furniture cleaner throughout the year, and they don’t have to be a seasonal item. The following are treats that you could use instead: marshmallows, cheese balls, chocolate chips, and even small pieces of fruit. Just make sure that whatever you choose is easily digestible, so that your dog doesn’t have problems eating it. The important thing is that it won’t cause your allergies to get worse because of the chemicals in the treats.

If you have two dogs, you could always one of them lie down on the other’s snuffle mat. They would have a great, soft, snuggly place to snuggle up together and snooze, as their bad breath will be kept at bay. Another option is to buy fleece material strips that you can buy in bulk. These strips will double as a great alternative to the traditional treats mentioned above.

End note

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When shopping for your DIY dog furniture, try to find products that are made from natural, non-toxic materials that will not negatively effect your dog. Although some may prefer the traditional treat foraging approach, using a snuffle mat to help keep them cool during the cooler months may be just what they need. It doesn’t matter if your dog is a traditional breed or a trendy doggie, using DIY alternatives will help protect them from harmful environmental elements. You can find great prices on these types of items by shopping around and looking for discounts online. You can also save quite a bit of money if you buy in bulk at the right time of year when everyone is trying to hold on to those last few dollars!

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