The Science Diet Healthy Advantage Can Support Adult Dogs’ Weight Loss

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Science Diet Dog Food recently received a rating of 4.8 stars out of five stars for several reasons. It’s obvious that the Science Diet has an extremely high-level philosophy when it comes to the way that they do business and this is very important. But the products themselves are not bad. In fact, they have quite a few great options in them that people will probably love.

The one issue with the Science Diet dog food was the fact that many people were confused about which type of food to choose based on the dog food reviews. One of the main problems was that there were only two major options. These options were “prescription diets” and “dry feeding.” Both types of diets are good for your adult dogs. However, there were issues with both of these choices.


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Prescription diets are only good for certain kinds of dogs. For instance, the AAFCO Animal Food Nutrient Profile recommends that your pets are fed chicken and beef as protein sources. This sounds okay, but AAFCO also lists fish in their seafood category as well. If you’re not sure what fish you should be feeding your pet, you can look up the nutritional value information for each one. And since all fish are not created equal, it’s important to know which kinds are the best sources of nutrients for your pet. If you do that, then you won’t have any surprises when you decide to switch your dog to science diet dog food.

Dry Filling is another issue. Although AAFCO recommends dry dog food as the best option for those who live on a strictly carnivore diet, the problem lies in the process of digestion. Since dogs cannot chew their own food, there is always a void in their digestive system. Dogs simply don’t digest meat very well, nor can they digest corn very well. Corn is rich in fiber, so it goes without saying that pet parents would be well-advised to feed their pets only bits of meat. However, if your pet is having issues at any point in its life stages, it may be due to a lack of fiber in his diet.

Important Things to Know

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Pet nutrition isn’t just about the cost or the convenience. Nutrition isn’t just about choosing the right brand or the right variety, although those things are important. The most important thing to consider when you’re feeding your pet is whether you’re feeding him a balanced and healthy diet that doesn’t have any problems that are related to bad ingredients, poor quality ingredients or both. Science diet dog food isn’t necessarily inferior to some brands that are available on the market today, but it is definitely far superior to most brands.

Science diets are made from better quality ingredients than cat foods, beef diets and dog food that is available in supermarkets. They also use more natural additives and vitamins in their formulation than do the other products. While dog and cat foods often contain meat byproducts, such as casein and bovine insulin, which is not good for humans, these ingredients are actually safe for dogs and cats when they are fed to them in this brand. Humans can get allergic reactions to these components and suffer adverse effects, which could include vomiting, diarrhea, breathing difficulties and even death. Science diets don’t use these kinds of artificial preservatives and animal byproducts and don’t pose any immediate health threat to humans.

Pet Nutrition

Pet owners know that dogs need quality nutrition in order to be healthy, happy and obedient. However, they don’t know that commercial dog food lacks adequate nutritional support. Science diet is formulated to provide the right amount of nutrition and the best quality ingredients, so that it provides excellent urinary tract health, weight reduction and all round health support. Dogs that eat this type of food have fewer incidences of incontinence, less weight problems and are more energetic. This food is also highly effective at controlling the number of unwanted behaviors that can plague dogs and makes them less destructive and aggressive.


The Science Diet Healthy Advantage canine adult dog food contains only the healthiest, highest quality ingredients including chicken meal, brown rice and organic oats. The ingredient list also includes a variety of vegetables and herbs that provide nutritional support and are low in fat, sodium and carbohydrates, which means that it can be safely fed to your dog every day without causing any possible side effects. It’s also free from artificial flavors and colorings and is made from all natural ingredients. If you want to give your pet the best, the Science Diet Healthy Advantage dog food can make sure that your dog gets the best.

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