The Importance of Letting Dog Walkers Near You

dog walkers near me

How can you know if the dog walkers were as good as they said they would be? What if you hired them for an important event, and they didn’t show up? Would it affect your perception of them? How can you know if the people walking your dog on a leash were as attentive as they said they would be?

When most local dog walkers come to your apartment complex, usually you get a text message notifying you of their arrival just before the scheduled walk time. You have two choices at this point; you can either wait a few minutes for them to show up, or you can decide to cancel the walk. canceling the walk is a perfectly acceptable solution to situations like these, but why cancel it when a professional and caring group of dog walkers near me could show up? I’m sure you get my drift.

So How Did You End Up With Someone Who Didn’t Show Up?

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Was the dog walker’s address listed somewhere on the internet? If so, and you called them after the fact, you had very little hope of ever speaking to an actual person. Most people don’t put their information anywhere on the internet unless it’s on a legitimate website about helping pets. They’re afraid that if they do, someone who has been mistreated will find out.

The other common practice for dog walkers near me is that they give a ring and then after walking your dog a few minutes, call me to go take care of the problem. I’m always too busy to come running up. My dogs are my family, and I don’t want to jeopardize their safety by taking them in for a potty break. Plus, calling a dog walker twenty minutes or less in advance of what’s going to happen can be highly stressful for me, but not for the dog walker.

Ask Around, Maybe At The Dog Park Or In The Local Town Hall

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You could also ask around, maybe at the dog park or in the local town hall. I’ve even heard of some dog walkers offering to drive you around to wherever you’d like to go. I was able to find one in my hometown that would come out an evening to walk my dogs. However, this isn’t a good option for you if you have a busy schedule, or your dog is a small or large breed. Some dog walkers are really good at picking up dogs anywhere, but some aren’t, and you need to make sure you get what you pay for.

Gives The Dog Walker A Chance To Actually Meet Your Dog

The last option, and probably my best because it gives the dog walker a chance to actually meet your dog, is email. An email address is all it takes to let a stranger know where you live, and how long you’ve had your pet. It’s definitely a good idea to use this method before you even call the dog walker. Just make sure you don’t tell the dog walker what you’re emailing them about, they might think it’s a new name for your dog, or something similar.

Bottom Line

Once that’s all settled, the dog walker should be able to take your dog on the scheduled trip within an hour or two. Hopefully, all goes well and your dog goes home with a good family. But the important thing to remember is that you’re there because you’re looking for a dog, not just any dog, but one that matches your specific lifestyle. If you let dog walkers near you choose the dog for you, they may miss some qualities that you’d prefer, which could result in a dog who’s wildly off the rails and not very happy with you or your house.

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