Some Nutritious Homemade Dog Food Recipes Vet Approved

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Have you ever considered making your own recipes for dog food? Many dog owners find this a very impractical idea since there are now numerous ready-made dog food recipes they can buy in the supermarket. What they don’t know is these aren’t really the best choice when it comes to providing your canine friend the nutrition he or she deserves.

People are very busy nowadays that they barely have time to prepare food for their dogs. Oftentimes, they’ll just buy a bag of food that catches their attention and feed it to their dog. Meanwhile, there are also those who prefer giving leftovers of their meals to their pets which is also a bad idea.

For someone who loves his or her dog so much, you should consider creating recipes for dog food yourself. Here are some of the homemade dog food recipes vet-approved.

Massachusetts’ MSCPA-Angell Animal Medical Center Recipe

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This recipe is adaptable and versatile. You can utilize a wide assortment of fixings in so far as they’re ok for dogs. The accompanying formula is administered for a 15-pound dog. You can undoubtedly alter the fixing adds up to coordinate with your puppy’s weight.


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The ingredients are three ounces of cooked protein, one tablespoon of vegetable, 1 and 1/3 cups of cooked carbohydrate like brown rice, oatmeal, sweet potato, or more, and one to two tablespoons of fat sources such as vegetable oil or olive oil. 


Simply mix the ingredients, and you’re done! Before you feed your puppy, make sure the meal is cool and safe to avoid burns. The next time you make this food, you can try the recipe out with various ingredients. However, stick with the same ratios, and the food should retain its nutritional value.

Founder’s Veterinary Clinic Recipe

Like the earlier recipe, you can substitute several ingredients for things you have on hand. For instance, you can swap out the primary protein source for deboned fish and the carbohydrates for standard potatoes. If you want to feed your dog this meal, it’s recommended that you add a bone meal pattern or calcium to ensure that your dog’s bones remain healthy.


To prepare this vet-approved dog homemade mead, one would require the ingredients such as One cup of cooked brown rice, One cup of cooked brown rice, 1/4 teaspoon of potassium chloride, 1/4 of a pound of prepared skinless chicken, and One tablespoon of vegetable oil. However, all the ingredients should mix in the prescribed measurement to get a balanced meal. 


Once the cooked chicken and rice are then cooled down, combine the various ingredients to form a mash. Basically, this recipe is portioned for a 20-pound dog. However, you can scale the amount of the ingredients accordingly. Dogs are love to have this meal. You should give it to them timely daily so that they can get the nutrition in the perfect amount.

These are some vet-approved meals for dogs. Apart from that, there is some others food that you can prepare for dogs, which also vet-approved.

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