Importance Of Prenatal Animal Education

Just like pregnant women, pregnant animals need sufficient care and proper nutrition. They are too, as humans, very vulnerable during this phase and a prenatal animal education will guide you on how to take care of pregnant animals properly.

What Is Taught In Prenatal Animal Education?

By learning about pregnant animals, pet owners and handlers can learn about adequate health care and nutrition to ensure proper growth and healthy birth. The fetus develops very fast in the last trimester of pregnancy and so proper care should be taken at that time. Prenatal education also teaches the importance of healthy nutrition to ensure the quick growth of females and attainting puberty at an early age.

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Importance Of Prenatal Animal Education

Key Points

Pregnant animals in the last trimester, should not be taken to farther off places for grazing. Moreover, they should not be made to tread on uneven surfaces. The lactating animals should be given medicines to dry them within 15 days to the 7th month of gestation. Pet handlers should see to it that the pets are comfortable. They should also be fed properly to reduce the possibility of any pregnancy-related diseases later. Proper nutrition in prenatal animals also ensures adequate milk production after birth. Pregnant animals should be kept near water resources so that water is available to them round the clock. They should have 75 to 80 liters of fresh and drinkable water daily. Furthermore, one should tie a heifer after 6-7 months of gestation with milking animals.

Massage their bodies and backs to improve blood circulation. tie them to a clean area just 4 days prior to calving. Furthermore, it is advisable to spread bedding materials such as straw or hay on the ground for the birthing baby.

Prenatal Animal Education – Nutritional Requirements

  • Green Fodder – 15-20 kg
  • Dry Fodder – 4-5 kg
  • Compound Cattle Feed – 2-3 kg
  • Mineral Mixture – 50 gm
  • Salt – 30 gm
  • Oil Cake – 1 kg
Importance Of Prenatal Animal Education
Importance Of Prenatal Animal Education

Prenatal Animal Education – Veterinary Care

Pregnant animals need to see the vet a couple of times during pregnancy. You can go in for ultrasound and blood tests after 21 days into pregnancy to confirm it and to rule out any problems. Moreover, after 45 days, your vet might recommend you to take an x-ray to determine the number and size of pups. Dogs should not be given vaccines when pregnant. Contact your vet at once, if your pregnant animal experiences vaginal bleeding or discharge during her pregnancy.

Prenatal Animal Education – Exercise

Most animals can exercise during their pregnancy, but ensure that you do not make the animal endure strenuous activities after 4-6 weeks. Furthermore, after this period, you can limit the exercise to gentle walks only.

Pregnant animals are just as vulnerable to stress and happiness as humans. It is very necessary for the animal owner to take good care. Prenatal animal education teaches the basics of how to care for a pregnant animal. Also, such a course will help you take good care of your animal when pregnant.

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