Pet Store Open Near Me – Should I Sell Fish and Food

pet store open near me

With so much focus on pet stores these days, and with the trend towards purchasing online, you might be asking yourself why I would suggest an “open near me” strategy when buying your next pet from a pet store is so convenient. After all, with all of the freedom pet owners have online, is it really any different to shopping for your next pet from an actual brick-and-mortar store? Well, the answer is a resounding “no.” There are still very strong market factors that make buying your next pet from a pet store very attractive to many pet owners.

Pet Store Open Near Me

A dog wearing a hat

The first, and probably most important, drive behind the pet store open near me is the “opened from the ground up” appeal. If you’ve owned a pet in the past, you know just how great the feeling of going into your local pet store and finding that the place was clean and well-kept and that the employees were very personable and happy to see you. It didn’t matter if you brought the dog into the store by an online classified ad or found him at the local pound because that first impression was enough to seal the deal on your purchase. That’s not the case anymore. More pet owners are looking for a place where they can get the total experience of owning a pet without having to do all the work. They just want someone who knows what they’re doing to show them where to buy a fresh new life.

Important Consideration


The second, and maybe the most important, is the pet store open near me strategy is built on the robust “ground-up” sales and advertising that draw in pets from all over the country on a daily basis. If you live in Texas, for example, and you need a pet, then you go to your nearest Safeway or Home Depot and find a wide selection of healthy, vibrant animals right next to the canned goods and synthetic fiber shopping. If you live in California or New York, then you go to your favorite pet store and find hundreds, even thousands, of different options to choose from. This kind of marketing has become exceedingly necessary and is what puts a pet store in a place that customers will find appealing.

As I mentioned earlier, pet owners have become accustomed to “swipe or touch” options to buy their pets. Pet store developers recognize this, and they have responded with a full screen, multi-touch interface, with a native command’s capability so you can teach your dog to do anything, from sit, lie down, and roll over on the floor. Imagine if you had an entire window full of buttons, which you could drag around to train your dog to do what you want. It would be utterly awesome!

With an overdose of food additives and preservatives in our water, it’s no wonder that we’ve reached the point where we’ve got food allergy symptoms and anemia all over the place. If you’re not familiar with the word anemia, don’t worry, it’s nothing too severe. It’s a symptom that manifests when your body tries to fight off a perceived threat, often mistakenly. In this case, the perceived threat comes from a chemical in milk called galactose, which is made by bacteria living in the milk and is actually an element of the milk protein called galactose.

A Much Ado

So how can a pet store open near me without marketing? Well, one of my co-workers recently opened a store right next door to us, and we both laughed at the same time. It’s called “neighborhood marketing,” if you want to get technical, and it works well. Marketers know that if you have people living in a certain neighborhood buying things like milk and eggs, that their neighbors are more likely to buy those things as well. Think about it – the grocery store down the street from you is also owned by someone who drives a car and wears a seat belt, but because he lives in a different neighborhood, he doesn’t sell milk and eggs every day.

Now, a quick disclaimer here – there aren’t any “marketing strategies” used to market a pet store open near me that aren’t used with other grocery stores. Rather, I suppose it would be kind of unethical to use these strategies in my own store because who knows what other people would be thinking. And besides, if people living in the same neighborhood buy things from the pet store down the street, they might ask their neighbors to buy from them, too! It’s really not worth it.

Bottom Line

Anyway, back to the story: my co-worker bought this brand of dog food from his new pet store next door, and all of his customers seemed to love it. They said it was the best band they’d ever tried, and one of the dogs came running out of the pet store one day, limping, barely able to move. He was so bad that he was hospitalized for weeks and could not walk at all anymore. Fortunately, he’s completely recovered now, thanks to the wonderful care I gave him while he was getting better.

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