Kidney Failure Dog Diet – How To Keep Your Pet Safe

Kidney Failure Dog Diet

Dogs are such adorable creatures. They bring positivity, protection, and happiness to everybody’s life. It is essential for an owner to be aware of diseases and the precautions in the dog diet. Especially with dogs with kidney failure, the diet needs to be given special attention. Medicines prescribed by the vet are generally to deal with symptoms of the disease. They help to ease their pain and inconvenience. What can be a game-changer in the same is the dog diet. It is possible for a dog with kidney failure dog diet to lead a long life if the diet is kept strict and in check. Regardless of how well you know his condition, consult a doctor before you choose any medicine.

Why Not General Food – Kidney Failure Dog Diet

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General dog food is not fit for a dog diet with kidney failure. This is because the general dog food is packed with protein, phosphorus, and other nutrients that should be kept low in a dog’s diet with kidney failure. This is done so that the level of toxin build-up in the blood can be kept as minimal as possible.

Either way, consult with a doctor before you make a decision.

What Type Of Dog Diet Should Be Adopted?

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Food with low levels of phosphorus and sodium should be preferred. As compared to chicken, beef has lower phosphorus; therefore, Beef should be preferred in dog diet.

Same time keeping the sodium levels low will help avoid high blood pressure and avoid a lot of protein that will benefit the dog. If a high protein diet is avoided, then the build-up will be less in the bloodstream. For kidney diseases, the diet should be known acidifying, whereas several dog foods are acidifying. So it is important to pay attention to the food that the dog is consuming and make it non-acidifying.

A gluten and dairy-free dog diet should be adopted. Also, the food shouldn’t be salty. A great addition to a kidney failure dog’s diet can be eggs. This is because egg protein is easy to digest, and the egg is also packed with vitamin A which helps lubricate the kidney. However, the egg white should be preferred, and yolk should be avoided or fed in the proportion of one yolk per 3 egg whites.

Supplements For A Dog With Kidney Failure Dog Diet

Some herbs and vitamin c supplements will also help in dealing with kidney failure in a dog. However, one should be careful that the supplements don’t clash with the dog’s medicines. Supplement of omega-3 and fatty acids from fish oil is also advised for dogs with kidney failure. However, one must consult a vet before starting any supplement. This is because the weight has no experience and knowledge about the same and will prescribe the right amount of supplement.


It is advised that the dog diet after kidney failure is approved by a vet so that the dog lives a healthy life without inconvenience. If a good diet is maintained and the right amount of Nutrition is fed, then dogs with kidney failure can live a normal life.

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