Is Purina One Dog Food Bad For Dogs

purina one dog food

The Purina ONE dog food brand is regarded as a high quality dog food brand. It was launched in 1986 as Ralston s first premium brand of dog food. (Purina has since then sold off their animal feed division, Purina Mills, to Land O Lakes and Purina consolidated with Nestle in the mid 1990s.)

Food Have Nutrition And Minerals

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The company claims that the product that they sell is specifically designed to provide dogs with the necessary vitamins and minerals needed for them to have good health. This product is divided into several main categories such as:

The most popular product line in Purina ONE is their Easy Recipe Collection. This is a six-pack of dry dog food that contains: an original flavor that includes one sweet apple, an award winning blend of yellow corn, a turkey blend, an apple, and a carrot. All of these ingredients are made from a combination of whole grains. The manufacturer recommends feeding this product line to your canine at least once a day as it contains a significant amount of Vitamin K.

Bumble Collection

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Another product line is their Bumble collection. This is a six-pack of dog foods that includes: Blue River Farm Premium Turkey & Duck Bits, Countryside Turkey with Cheddar, Countryside Duck & Turkey with Blue Mountain Organics, Garden Ribs with Sweet Potato and a blend of yellow corn, watermelon and hay. All of these ingredients are made from a blend of different whole grains. Just like the regular Purina products, you should feed this to your dog at least once a day.

Purina One Smart Bits

The third in the six-pack is Purina One Smart Bits. This is the same as the regular Smart Bits dog foods, only they have an ingredient list that doesn’t use corn, wheat or soy! Instead, all of the ingredients are made from rice. They also have no carrots or apples, but do include some carrots and celery. This food is supposed to help your dog maintain a healthy heart by helping him shed pounds. This is a good choice for those who have large breeds.

The last item on the list of six-pack foods that Purina One has is the Purina One Smart Blend Adult Formula. This is the company’s most popular collection of pet foods. This contains five different flavors of pet foods including: Country Cranberry Pecan, Country Corn Stuffed Chicken, Italian Style Chicken, Roasted Corn and Red Maple Turkey. All of these ingredients are made from a blend of whole grain corn, rice, and sunflower seeds. No corn, wheat or soy is used in this dog food and this is one of their most popular choices.

Last Words

The interesting thing about this pet foods is that they contain poultry by-product meal as one of the main ingredients. Although it has long been known that poultry by-product meal is unhealthy, this company decided to put this ingredient in their dog food because they thought that it would be more appealing to pet lovers. While it is true that it does help the meat smell better, it also means that your dog is ingesting something that is not healthy. If you are concerned about the ingredients in your dog’s food, you should look for Purina One Smart Bits instead.

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