Feeding Dog Raw Diet On A Budget Food

feeding dog raw diet on a budget

An Overview

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In recent years, raw foods have started to become more popular among dog owners. Although many people believe that raw is better for your dog’s dental health, it really depends on your dog’s dietary needs and his temperament. Feeding a dog raw meat or vegetables can improve his dental health while also improving his temperament. While some studies have shown mixed results, most dog owners have seen huge increases in their dog’s energy and vitality and better immune system response to illness.

Many commercial brands of dry dog foods contain harmful chemicals that can damage a dog’s teeth and gums. Even some well known brand name brands use chemicals as preservatives and additives. It’s important to read the label of any dog foods you buy, especially those that come from well known brands. If you see any mention of ingredients such as “wheat” or “bronseed”, look elsewhere for your dog’s food. Many top quality brands are now switching to organic dog foods, which are good for dogs and the environment. In fact, organic foods may even be better for your dog than conventional commercial brands.


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There are many benefits to a raw dog food diet for your dog’s dental health. One is that a natural diet can be harder for dogs to digest, thus making their teeth and gums less susceptible to disease. Another benefit is that raw dog foods tend to be lower in fat than commercial brands. This allows your dog to have fewer dental health problems. Since dogs are descended from wolves, they also have enzymes that aid digestion.

A raw dog food diet has other advantages as well. Your dog needs vitamins, minerals, and protein to stay healthy. Dogs lacking these essential elements tend to get sick and can become malnourished. A raw food diet also provides your dog with more energy and exercise and can help protect against illnesses and diseases that attack humans.

Know The Issues

The only real problem with a raw food diet is that you can’t feed him everything. Dogs need meat and vegetables, but they also need other carbohydrates. Commercial brands do include wheat and corn, which your dog needs for energy. You may be able to find some in his dry food as well. Be sure to check carefully before you decide to feed your dog commercial brand dog food since they are still full of preservatives and chemicals.

There are several brands of dog foods available on the market today. They come in many varieties, so you are sure to find one that meets your dog’s needs. However, if you want the best for his dental health, it’s a good idea to consult with your veterinarian. While commercial brands of dog foods are generally safe for most dogs, there are some products that have higher levels of fillers, colorants, and other chemicals that can be harmful. Your vet can tell you what your dog needs in order to maintain the best dental health.


In general, however, raw dog foods are healthier for your dog and provide a healthier life. Because they contain less chemicals and preservatives, they are easier on his digestive system. They are generally lower in fat and tend to have a milder flavor. Many dog owners find that they are perfect for keeping their pets fit and healthy.

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