Facts About Science Diet Light Dog Food

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Science Diet is one of the many brands of dog foods available in the market today. The Science diet is based on the diet that was first introduced to the public by a dog owner in Japan. The diet consists of only dry dog food and no sweet treats or cooked meals. The original owner had the idea that dogs were naturally fed a diet that consisted solely of raw meat. After trying different foods and treats, the owner realized that his dog was becoming overweight and suffered from other health problems. To combat this, he started adding table scraps to his dog’s diet but found that it was having the opposite effect; instead of helping his dog to gain weight, the scraps actually made him lose weight.

An Overview

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There are a number of advantages to this diet plan including the fact that the food is very low in calories and the diet can be managed by even an older dog. Another advantage is that the mix does not contain any additives, preservatives, or chemicals. The main ingredients of the diet include fish oil, olive oil, carrots, brown rice, garlic, apples, and pinto beans. This diet plan includes protein, fiber, and carbohydrates. It should be noted that although there are no chemicals included in this mix, there may be others that are harmful to dogs and may cause them to become sick.

Scientific Diet Dog Food Facts

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Science Diet Light has come under fire from both the scientific community and the dog owning community due to the use of chemical additives in the mix. Many people question the efficiency of a diet plan that relies on chemical additives as a source of nutrition. Some critics state that many of the chemicals used in manufacturing these products are toxins that have been proven to be harmful to animals. Furthermore, these products may be linked to cancer and kidney failures. Other critics point out that these chemicals are simply added to the food for convenience and do little to contribute to the well being of a dog.

Science Diet offers owners a variety of ways to create balance foods for their dogs. Their diet plans do not include corn or wheat, which are commonly found in commercial dog food. The owners are also free to choose among the many different types of raw meats they offer. Some dogs may require only cooked meat while other dogs will eat both raw and cooked meat. The owners are also able to choose between organic meats and those that are conventional.

Science Diet is currently offering an adjustment plan for owners of German Shepherds. The diet uses chicken as the main ingredient instead of beef, as was previously the case. Although German Shepherds have adapted to eating chicken successfully, some dogs still do not digest the protein found in chicken properly. The Science diet also offers advice for owners on how to best feed their dogs, which also includes the addition of fish and extra fiber to the dog food. It is important to remember that just because a dog eats a meal, it does not mean that it will be the same as the next meal.

In The End

Many owners find that feeding their dog the same brand each day will help them get used to the food. Some dog food brands are designed to be consistent throughout, while others offer owners the option of mixing and matching the ingredients found in their pet’s meals. If a dog has health problems, the owner should check with the vet to see what is available for their pet. Science Diet may also be of help in changing a dog’s habits as well as its eating habits.

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