Everything You Need To Know About Canidae Dog Food Reviews

canidae dog food

Canidae Dog Food stands for “Canidae Veterinary Diet”. This is their top-selling product. Canidae is owned by the Cybred Dogs’ Association of America and is located in South Pittsburg, TN. They are a member of the American Kennel Club and are a non-profit corporation. The corporation was started in 1974 and is certified by the TLC (Tricominers Committee on Animal Nutrition).

Canidae Company

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Canidae is actually one of the smallest, lowest-priced dog food companies. Despite their small size, CANIDAE quality has earned them rave comparisons with other large premium brand dog foods such as Nutro. They also have a well-deserved reputation in the market for being nutritionally sound with many satisfied pet parents using it with their dogs. What makes this company different than the others in the market? Well, for starters, they do not use the “meat byproducts” that other companies do to fill their can.

Protein Power Formula

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The food is also free from artificial preservatives such as BHA and Ethoxyquin, which is common with canned foods. What makes them different is that they have the “Protein Power” formula which is said to be better than most of their competitors’. This is because they do not use cheaper alternatives like soy and cornmeal as a base for their foods and do not use the cheap by-products. However, with the recall of Canidae Healthy Choice with the questionable side effects of using these filler foods, many pet owners are turning to other Canidae dog foods such as the Canidae premium all-natural foods and Canidae premium dog food.

The Foods Are Easy To Chew

The Canidae premium all natural foods are very filling and are very easy to chew. They contain high-quality protein sources such as lamb, chicken, and beef that are easily digestible. They also have complex carbohydrates and healthy fats to provide balanced nutrition. The candidate premium Canidae dog food contains a balanced combination of vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber to provide a wide range of benefits to your Canidae dog. It contains a special blend of herbs that are said to improve the mood and health of your Canidae dog.

Choose The Food Carefully

Most pet parents are concerned about the ingredients in commercial pet food. With the recall of Canidae Healthy Choice by Canidae Pet Foods, many Canidae pet parents are concerned about the quality of their dogs’ food. Many have tried this food and had mixed feelings about it. It contains meat meal as its main ingredient. This is a source that is not easily digested by canine dogs and contains mostly chemicals that could possibly be harmful to dogs.

Use of Preservatives

Pet owners also noticed that unlike their cat food, Canidae cat food does not contain any organic or natural ingredients. They use preservatives like BHA and Ethoxyquin to preserve the food. BHA is an antibacterial agent that can potentially cause illness in pets. Other preservatives that pet owners do not want in their pets include Phosphates and Potassium Phosphate, both of which can lead to kidney failure and heart problems in canine dogs.

The Ingredients Present

There have been many studies done on the effects of preservatives on the body. There are concerns about the effect of Phosphates on the kidneys and blood vessels. In fact, it was the Phosphate content of the dog foods that prompted the recall of Canidae Healthy Choice by Canidae Pet Foods. While it is true that these two ingredients have the potential to cause problems, canine owners should focus on other ingredients. For example, the Canidae premium Canidae dog food contains a special blend of herbs. These ingredients are said to strengthen the immune system.


However, some experts do not believe that using herbs alone can improve the immune system. Instead of relying on the presence of specific herbs, a company like Novo-tech manufactures a formulation that addresses the needs of Canidae with the use of pure protein sources and healthy fats. The Canidae Active Pets Liquid Formulation also features Canidae’s signature blend of herbs, along with Mistletoe, Echinacea, Huang Qi, Yeast extract, Burdock root, and Boswellia.

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