5 Impressive Dog Tricks That You Can Teach Your Dog

Dog tricks are a fun thing to teach your dog. Not only do they learn something new but they also entertain and amuse your friends by displaying their newly-learned antics. These tricks can be taught to your dog any time of the year. You just need the right techniques and proper practice to teach your dog some fun tricks.

Dog tricks are also a fun bonding exercise between you and your pet. Here are some cute tricks you can teach your dog:

Kiss Is One Of The Cutest Dog Tricks

Wondering how to teach your dog to kiss? When your dog licks your face, he is already showering you with kisses, but now you should try to teach him to kiss on command. You will need some treats and a clicker to train your dog to kiss on command. Once your dog has learned this trick, you can boast off his talent to your friends too.

5 Impressive Dog Tricks That You Can Teach Your Dog
5 Impressive Dog Tricks That You Can Teach Your Dog

Teach Dog Tricks Like Barking On Command

This is one of the toughest dog tricks to teach your pet, considering the fact that dogs bark all the time. It is tough to teach them to bark only command. But you can teach this trick by waiting until your dog barks by himself and then giving him a treat. This trick will need lots of patience, but eventually, your dog will learn it. Keep giving him treats after every bark and as soon as he barks, repeat your command ‘bark’. Slowly, progress to saying ‘stop’ and this will teach them to stop too on command.

Teach Your Dog To Shake Hands

This is one of the most adorable dog tricks and every dog owner loves to teach their dog to shake hands-on command. You can later showcase this trick to your other friends. This is an easy trick to teach. Take a fistful of treats in your closed paw and present it to your dog. Then give the command ‘shake’ and take your dog’s hand in your hand to shake. Repeat it and give him a treat as a gift. Keep repeating the command and giving of treats, until they learn the trick.

5 Impressive Dog Tricks That You Can Teach Your Dog

Playing Fetch

This is not an easy trick to teach. But once your dog learns to fetch, you can entertain them, give them exercise and also keep them busy. Just like all other tricks, this one too is taught by giving treats in the end. So take a handful of treats and keep them in your pocket (let your dog see your act). Now throw a ball somewhere further and let your dog fetch it. Once they fetch it, give them a treat. Gradually, progress to giving commands like ‘fetch’ and then ‘good boy – here is your treat’. Treats are a great way to teach dog tricks to your pet.

Teach Your Dog To Roll Over

This one is a difficult trick to learn but all you need to teach this one is patience and repetition. Keep repeating this activity, again and again, yourself and let your dog notice, until he feels compelled to do the same. Remember to reward your dog in the end.

5 Impressive Dog Tricks That You Can Teach Your Dog

Rewards or treats need not always be something edible. You can even hug your dog or pet him and praise him and they will be equally happy. These dog tricks are tough to master, but once your pet has learned them, he/she will feel more confident and excited to show them over to you and your friends over and over again.

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