Dog Training: Top Ways You Can Do It Without Harming Your Pet

Dog Training

Dog training is as essential for your dog as it is for you. It helps the pet and the owner bond healthily and understands each other’s body language. Without proper and adequate training, it is futile to keep a dog. Dogs have a unique way of communicating their needs and wants to their owners. They can love with an open heart without judgment and has a playful side to them. Most of them are adorable and helps in calming down your anxious, nervous system.

Often doctors and health practitioners recommend getting or spending time with a dog for people with mental illness. Dogs have a sense of profound calmness within that spreads to the person that owns it. However, like anything else, there are pros and cons to keeping a pet dog.

The disadvantages are without training; you will find your home filled with dog urine and poop. It is not a pleasant sight to see every morning. Secondly, having to deal with the misbehavior of the pet can almost ruin your social life. And instead of feeling calm and at peace, you will get more stressed and anxious.

Ways For Dog Training

Therapy dog training
Dog Training: Top Ways You Can Do It Without Harming Your Pet

Dog Training By Positive Re-enforcements

Positive re-enforcements mean when your dog follows your command and behaves well, you reward it. When your dog observes or associates that you only reward it when it does a desirable action, it will only repeat that. Not rewarding for lousy behavior will re-enforce the belief that it should not engage in those actions again. It works wonderfully as dogs do not understand the language but only associates it with a reward or not.

Rewards can be anything like a hug to a treat or allowing your dog to play outside. However, you have to keep in mind and take care that you do not end up feeding them so much that they fall sick.

Electronic Device For Dog Training

A lot of pet companies are now coming up with collar belts that send a slight shock to your pet dogs when they misbehave. You can control their behavior by making them wear this belt around their neck. When a dog misbehaves or barks continuously without context, you can use remote control and send them a tinge of shock. This will keep your dog from barking loudly.

Dog training for your pet
Dog Training: Top Ways You Can Do It Without Harming Your Pet

Set Up A Good Example For Your Dog

Let your dog meet more pet dogs like it but are well trained. This way, they will know how to behave when and how to act on specific commands. By following another dog, they will also want to compete and get as many rewards as possible. So letting your dog socialize is an excellent way to train it.


We would encourage you to seek help from your local vet and pet care service for therapy dog training. Training is essential and must be in a healthy manner without spoiling your dog.

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