Dog Raw Food Diet – How To Keep The Pet Healthy And In Diet

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A lot of people dogs as their pets. It is important to keep good care of their health. Many people feed their dogs what they eat.  But dog’s metabolism is different from humans. Some foods that are good for humans may be toxic and potentially deadly for dogs. A lot of people prefer raw food diet. What is raw food diet? What are its benefits and disadvantages? Let’s answer these questions and discuss the raw food diet in detail.

Dog Raw Food Diet 

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A raw food diet typically consists of muscle meat, bones, eggs, broccoli, meats like livers, kidneys, etc. At the time of starting this diet, it is recommended to keep your dog on fast for half a day to a full day prior to the first meal to ensure a good appetite. The next step is to feed your dog fresh food and see how does he handle it. If all is well, you can replace his original diet with the new raw food diet.

Dog Raw Food Diet – Benefits

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Here are some of the benefits of raw food diet for dogs

It gives your dog fresh breath and cleaner teeth

It helps to control weight effectively

It promotes better digestion

It gives your dog shinier, healthier skin and coat

Due to better digestion, it helps your dog to pass harder, smaller, and less small stools

Raw food diet increases mobility in older animals

A dog on raw food diet has more energy and stamina

Dog Raw Food Diet – Disadvantages

Everything has its benefits as well as disadvantages. Some disadvantages are as follows:-

Veterinarians do not recommend this diet as there are risks for salmonellosis and other infections that can be dangerous for the pet and its owners

There are chances of damage to the health of the dog if the diet is given for an extended period of time

There is the threat of not receiving enough calcium and Phosphorus that is essential for bone health

There are chances that the whole bones choke the dog, break his teeth or cause an internal puncture

There are bacteria in raw food which is a threat to human as well as dog health

This diet is not suitable for all dogs 

Raw food diet is not a complete and balanced diet

It is more expensive than regular dog food 


Not all food items that people consume are toxic for dogs some are safe and healthy when given occasionally. In the case of raw food diet, nearly 25% of their samples have been tested positive for harmful bacteria. So raw food diet should be avoided for dogs. The most successful slow transition method to a raw food diet is to begin switching your dog gradually over a 7 day period which can be difficult. When you are providing completely different food items to your dog, you might want to talk to the veterinarian and understand if it is going to be allergic to him and if you find any symptoms, do consult one immediately.

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