Cute Animal Habits That Will Obsess You

Animal habits are quite entertaining. People are often amused and obsessed with animal habits. Most of these habits are pretty cute and entertaining. Kittens love playing while goats love screaming. Polar bears love cuddling while monkeys love picking out fleas from their partner’s bodies. Here are some fundamental animal habits that will not only amaze you but also teach you something important.

Animal Habits Of Meerkats

Meerkats are very good at teamwork. They live in sleeping burrows that get filled with debris and excess sand in the day. To protect and preserve their homes, one meerkat enters the burrows and clears the sand and debris by throwing it away using its legs. This meerkat will then be joined by another who takes the debris from the leading meerkat and passes on behind. The digging chain can, sometimes, include six meerkats. They also have a particular animal habit of standing guard for one another while foraging. While the entire group is searching for food, one of them plays a watchman. They also keep rotating this sentinel duty. We humans should learn the lesson of teamwork from these animal habits and also should practice equal division of labor.

From the Training Point of View: Although it is rare, you can keep a meerkat as a pet and also train it. It is best to keep them in pairs of three or more to get amused by their teamwork skills.

Cute Animal Habits That Will Obsess You

Animal Habits Of Chickens

Chickens have a better and more sophisticated language than that of roosters. According to research, it was revealed that chicks and chickens make 30 unique calls each with a different meaning. Some calls even include a warning if a predator is near. Some of these calls notify when a chick has laid an egg or requires help. They have peculiar animal habits of crying out loud when they discover a food source and want to share it with their friends and family. Humans can learn the art of clear communication from these chickens. Speaking right and clear at all times is very important.

From The Training Point Of View: If you have a brood of chickens to train, you should know about this particular habit of theirs that can help you communicate better with them.

Interesting Habits Of Dogs

Dogs have an unusual habit of chasing their tail. You can get amused by watching your pet often chasing its tail. Another peculiar habit of dogs is that they occasionally bury their food. They do this to save their food for later or to save their food and treats from other pets in the house. Dogs also have a habit of turning around in circles in their beds before they lie down. The reason is to find the most comfortable position to sleep in just as humans often fluff a pillow before using it.

From the training point of view: When training your dog, you should know that these animal habits come naturally and you should not interfere with them.

Cute Animal Habits That Will Obsess You

These quirky animal habits are too cute to observe and they also teach us a lesson. While most of the human habits are acquired, you will be amused to see how animals display these habits naturally from birth.

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