Comprehensive Guide To Mountain Dog Diet

mountain dog diet

The food habits of dogs depend on their age and size. Mountain dogs usually have a giant build like the Bernese mountain dog. They usually weigh high and are a little hard to handle. So they need more food than any normal pet dog.

Moreover, because of their large sizes, they have to suffer from many health problems like orthopedic problems, gastric torsion, etc. Thus, they need a complete diet with all the micro and macronutrients, calcium, phosphorus, fibers, etc. 

Though dog foods are easily available in the market, they don’t carry all the nutrients required for the proper growth of mountain dogs. They are usually dry foods which when softened with warm water are ready to be served. So, for additional nutrition, You can add some toppings like canned chicken, tuna, and many such.

Nutrients That You Must Include In Your Mountain Dog Diet

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Nutritious Natural Ingredients

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Mountain dogs have to work a lot hard so they need high-quality ingredients in their mountain dog diet. More will be the quality of the natural ingredients, more will be the quality of nutrition. You have to make sure that your dog’s diet includes whole food ingredients to keep it healthy. Avoid any kind of artificial additives or byproducts as a part of their food. 

Premium Animal Protein

Usually, everyone thinks adult dogs need more proteins. But this is not the truth. In actuality, puppies need more protein in their mountain dog diet, a minimum of 22 percent. An ideal mountain dog diet must include proteinous food like fish, meat, and chicken, etc. 

Fewer Fats

Don’t make your mountain dog fat, make it fit so feed them foods with low levels of fat. 

So raw eggs that contain vitamin B12, amino acids, biotin, and sulfur, etc are good to be fed. You can also feed them with raw bones or chicken necks that are good for teeth and important for their diet. According to the study, a minimum of 5 % fats is preferable. 

Carbohydrates- Omega-3s And Other Essential Nutrients

Mountain dogs are highly active and need high-energy-rich food to meet their daily energy levels. Carbohydrates are a rich source of energy. These are found in whole grains and vegetables. Make sure your dog gets a sufficient amount of omega-3s in its diet. This will protect your dog from various heart diseases. Yogurt and cottage cheese are also very good for their health. Senior mountain dogs live a less active lifestyle so they usually need fewer calories.


Keeping a dog is a big responsibility and keeping a mountain dog is far more than that. You have to take care of its dietary habits, physical maintenance, and charm. For a healthy dog, you must add the above-given nutrients to your mountain dog diet

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