Bones And Raw Food Diet For Dog – Keeping Them Safe And On Diet

bones and raw food diet for dog

Dogs can be practiced with consulting raw food diet. This includes mostly uncooked or unprocessed food like bones and fat. These are considered to be good for dogs as they can be easily defeated. It also does not cause splinters like cooked bones. The subject itself is controversial as many specialists do not support dogs being given bones and raw food. This idea came into being by considering the ancestral food patterns of canines before domestication. Studies suggest that canines used to consume raw meaty bones and vegetable scraps long ago. Here is all about Bones And Raw Food Diet For Dog.

Bones And Raw Food Diet For Dog Benefits

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Some of the benefits are put forward by the supporter of bones and raw food diet. They claim that this diet would enhance the shine of dogs’ coats and allow them to have healthier skin. The raw food diet also helps them to have cleaner teeth. It increases the energy levels of dogs as well and promotes smaller stools.

However, many diet specialists do not support this plan. They suggest that this could be a reason for bacterial threat for both dogs and humans from the raw meat. This can also lead to an unbalanced diet which can damage the health of dogs if extended for a longer period. The raw whole bones could also cause a breakage of teeth or internal puncture.

Typical Diet

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A typical raw food diet includes muscle meat which is often found on the bone itself, whole or ground, organ meats like livers and kidneys. It also includes raw eggs, along with vegetables like broccoli, spinach, and celery, fruits, and some diary-like yogurt.

Favorite Food

Studies have shown that chicken is among the favorite foods for dogs. It can be fed to the dogs in many ways. Cooked chicken makes for a healthy meal. But cooked bones can be harmful. Raw chicken and bones can be given as healthy food items. Dogs are known to love bones which are soft and easy to chew when raw.

Pumpkin is deemed as a healthy food option to cure upset stomach for dogs. Whenever your dog suffers from indigestion or related stomach disorders, feed them with canned or cooked or fresh pumpkin. Without any added spices, pumpkin makes for a good diet for dogs.

Eggs are very rich supplements of nutrients like protein, biotin, etc. Dogs can be fed on raw eggs without removing the shell so that they gain all the nutrition. When you feed the cooked eggs, make sure you do not add any seasoning except salt. Eggs are very healthy for building a powerful body and soft hair for dogs.


It is also claimed that providing dogs with commercially processed food other than raw can be harmful to the animals. While going through a raw meat diet, it has to be ensured that the plan includes enough calcium and phosphorus. This is extremely important for the positive bone health of dogs. Also, take care to not silly more than the required amount of food like liver which can provide excess vitamin A amount enough for toxicity. Dogs with pancreatitis or other digested issues should also be not served with raw food.

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