Beneful Dog Food – What to Know About This and What to Avoid

beneful dog food

Beneful Dog Food is a homemade treat that I have found to be very tasty. When you’re looking for a healthy treat for your dog, then this one is a safe bet. I would say that it is comparable to my children’s favorite hot dog, minus all of the extra calories and the additional calories that come with fast foods.

Ingredients Used In Beneful Dog Food

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The ingredient list reads “ground beef, cooked white meat chicken, carrots, celery, potatoes, peas, onions, corn, no salt.” What I like about this list is that there are no words such as “bleached” or “cooked” in the ingredients. This is the first product that I have found that does not state the percentage of protein or fat that is used to prepare their meals. I understand that they do allow people to substitute meats that they would like for their dogs’ meals, but I don’t feel comfortable with any substitute meats being used. The only thing that I can see as an acceptable substitution is the use of soy protein. I am not opposed to using any other protein source besides soy, but using it instead of beef, chicken or fish makes me uncomfortable.

Another thing that I am opposed to is that they use pet food grade sodium and potassium chloride to help improve flavor. These are some of the cheapest and most inexpensive ingredients that I can find that are used in preparing meals for my dogs. It seems like they are trying to save money and you could tell that they put more focus on price reduction than quality.

Purchasing Beneful Dog Food

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The pet food that I purchased did not live up to my expectations and did not live up to the promises that I made when I began purchasing it. I purchased two bags of it and let my dogs choose what they wanted. To start off with, the dog food seemed to lack the needed moisture that dogs need to stay healthy. My dogs were not at all interested in eating it and I was not able to get them to even try it. Sodium and potassium chloride should have been a bigger concern since these are the main ingredients that the dog food lacks. Dogs require at minimum 9% sodium to stay in good health.

The second bag of pet food that I purchased had very little to offer in the way of nutrition. My dogs started to become lethargic and sluggish within days of us feeding the pet food. My dogs also seemed to be very picky about what type of food we would give them. They would either beg for scraps or simply ignore all of the food that we gave them. After several days of this I began to research the ingredient label on the bag of pet food that I purchased and was shocked at what I discovered. I was amazed that there were actually pet foods that contain ingredients that I do not approve of such as propylene glycol and formaldehyde.

Facts About Beneful Dog Food

The fact that both of these substances are known or probable human carcinogens, proves that the manufacturers of these types of dog foods knew about these chemicals and did nothing to warn pet owners. They knew that their product had these dangers with it and did nothing to remove the risk. In the case of the pet food recall that took place a few years ago this was very apparent. The canned dog food that was recalled had to be taken off the shelves and the owners had to pay for it because it was unsafe for their dogs to eat. There was no warning given to the public about the danger of the ingredients in the dog food.

The problem with using canned dog food is that it is full of fillers and by-products that have not undergone any processing. Dogs do not have the same digestive systems like humans and they therefore do not process the same things as we do. It is for this reason that dog food with artificial ingredients should be avoided. You will find many websites online that are dedicated specifically to exposing the dangers of pet food that contains harmful chemicals.

Last Words

When you are choosing a brand of food for your pets, you need to make sure that the ingredients have been proven safe for humans to consume. Also it is important to check to see if there have been any clinical trials that have been conducted on the various ingredients that are in the pet foods. Many times there will be conflicting information but when there is a wealth of scientific data available on a particular ingredient then you can make an informed decision. Always remember that you want to feed your pet only the best and most nutritious food for their health because pets are not people and do not have the same nutritional needs that we do.

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