Babies And Dogs – What’s Safe And How To Prepare?

For a pet owner to suddenly find out that she is pregnant, it can be quite exciting and yet scary. Excited because you are soon going to have your little bundle of joy playing in your arms and scared because you don’t know how your pet is going to react to your baby. Well, while your anxiousness is justified, you should know that pets, especially dogs have known to be babies’ best friends. They can be the best guardians, best friends, and best siblings. So if you are worried about your babies and dogs at home, you can smoothen the transition with just a little bit of planning.

Babies And Dogs – What’s Safe And How To Prepare?

Loving Both Babies And Dogs At The Same Time

Your home is soon going to have a crying and demanding newborn. You might be concerned about taking care of both, babies and dogs at home at the same time as well as how your pet might react to the constant commotion at home.  You might also be concerned that having a baby might shift your focus from your beloved pet to your child. But you should know that as a mother of 2 or more children you can easily divide love and attention to all the children, so will you. Although, your time and relationship with your pet dog will change, eventually, you all, including your dog, will get used to having a new member at home.

A Little Planning For A Home With Babies And Dogs

A little planning can go a long way for a home with babies and dogs. You will need to be sensitive to your pet’s needs and also arrange your baby’s room. Ensure that you have separate toys, beds, rooms for both so that your pet knows that he has a special place of his/her own in the house. To let your pet dog get prepared with baby noises and crying, it is a good idea to make them listen to audios and cartoons with baby sounds while you are still pregnant. Exposing your dogs to baby smells like lotions is also a good idea. You can do that by applying some of the baby products on your body while you are still pregnant.

Disinfecting Your Surroundings If You Have Babies And Dogs

You should visit your obstetrician and dog’s vet to let them know about your pregnancy. Your baby’s doctor will give you all the necessary information regarding your baby’s safety and vaccinations when having babies and dogs at home. Similarly, your vet doctor will ensure that your dog is treated well and free of any sort of disease. Get all your pet’s vaccinations in due time.

Babies And Dogs – What’s Safe And How To Prepare?

If you take a bit of care and planning, you will be able to adjust well to having babies and dogs at home at the same time. With time, you will realize that your pet dog gets more attached to your baby and will prove to be the best companion for your child. But always set your priorities right and remember to spend time with both equally. In the evenings, when your partner comes home, let them take care of your baby, while you take your pet for a walk. This will ensure your dog that you still love him and he will take this special routine as his time with you.

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