Popular Courses Offered At An Animal Training College

The Animal Training College offers online education in various animal training courses. In this college, students get the chance to study different animal courses across varied subject areas such as animal care, veterinary nursing, grooming, obedience, and many more. All the courses offered here are CPD accredited and certified, so you know that you are studying from a reputed and recognized institute.

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Popular Courses Offered At An Animal Training College

Some of the most popular courses in Animal Training College are explained below:

Advanced First Aid For Puppies And Dogs Course At Animal Training College

This course discusses the key skills and knowledge for providing first aid to dogs and pups. The course enlightens you and provides further insight and understanding for caring for puppies and dogs in emergency situations. This is a 60 hours duration course. The timing can increase further depending upon your preferences. The course is done online and it can be spread out in just one month or multiple sessions depending upon the grasping capability of the individual. The course will be accessible for up to 12 months from the date of registration.

Animal Training College Offers Animal Care Course

This online course provides learners with an overview of effective animal care. From this course, one gets an insight to care for large animals to small household pets. The course teaches how to inspect the welfare conditions of animals to make sure of their safety and health. It also provides an in-depth understanding of all those who wish to pursue a career in animal care. Even if you want to just do the online course to add it to your CV, it is quite informative and well-devised. You can instantly start learning the important aspects of animal care. Moreover, this course takes 80 hours to complete. It is valid up to 12 months from the date of registration and an individual can finish it within a month or also spread it over a period of 12 months as per preference.

Animal Communications Course

This online course teaches students to gain an in-depth understanding of animal communications. It covers topics such as animal-human relationships, owner influence on animals and such others. It also contains fascinating material that can keep the learner glued to the screens. This course takes around 60 hours to complete. Again, it is available for 12 months and it also depends upon individual time availability and grasping the power to complete it in a shorter time duration too.

Equine Behavior And Psychology Course

This online course provides learners with an insight into understanding horse behavior through various psychological principles. For those who are working in the horse field or for those who are interested in learning about horses, this online course will cover a range of modules and also numerous examples for assessment. Furthermore, this course takes about 80 hours to complete.

Cat Anxiety And Stress Course

This 70 hours online course provides learners with a detailed understanding of the importance of recognizing anxiety and also stress issues in cats. This knowledge will further help them to promote the emotional well-being of cats. This course will further the knowledge horizon of those working with cats and kittens.

Popular Courses Offered At An Animal Training College
Popular Courses Offered At An Animal Training College

Enroll in any of the above courses or many others available in the Animal Training College and enlighten your knowledge about animals.

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