Animal Training And The Many Career Options For You

You need to have immense love for animals if you are looking for a career in animal training. Animal training jobs are required in zoological parks, animal shelters, private homes or in horse farms. Individual pet owners might also hire you to train their animals to be more obedient or for the sake of security. Some amusement parks or circus organizations might hire you for animal training for the sake of entertainment. Trainers might also be in charge of monitoring the animal’s behavior and health.

If you love animals, then the possibilities of getting a job as an animal trainer are plenty, but you also should possess a skill set that includes critical thinking, speaking, listening, time management, decision making, stamina, compassion and oodles of patience. While training animals, there is a severe risk of bites, scratches, injuries and other hazardous infections possibly from the animals. The earnings and the salary for training depend upon various factors. Animal trainers earn a salary of approximately $30,340 annually, as per a recent survey done in the US in 2015.

Animal Training And The Many Career Options For You

Requirements For A Career In Training Animals

  • Degree level – This can vary depending upon your training specialty.
  • Experience – This can differ according to the organization that hires you. Some may even allow on-the-job training.
  • Degree Field – Zoology, animal science or such related subjects.
  • Certification – Marine animal training may require CPR, lifeguard or such other certifications.

How To Proceed With Your Career Options In Animal Training

So now that you have decided to become an animal trainer, you can:

Choose An Animal Type

You have to decide whether you want to be a dog trainer, cat trainer, horse trainer, marine animals, bird’s trainer, reptile trainer, etc., as every animal or bird has a distinct behavior the trainer has to learn to associate with. Moreover, different animals require different levels of education and also completely different work environments. You have to first choose which animals you want to train and then choose your career accordingly.

Get Postsecondary Training

After you have chosen your animal type, you need to specialize in that field and get a higher level of education. Moreover, many schools offer courses for trainers at a higher level and even offer diploma courses for training towards specific animals. You can also study the associate’s or bachelor’s degree in animal sciences, zoology or veterinary sciences to get post-secondary training. You will learn in-depth about animal nutrition, animal behavior, animal communication, etc. in these courses.

Gain Experience In Animal Training

After you have gotten your degree for specific species training, you should get your first experience as a trainer to boost your resume. Moreover, such entry-level opportunities can be found at voluntary organizations, an internship at zoos and animal shelters. You should also learn public speaking skills as you may be asked to give public shows with animals in zoos or animal shelters for entertainment purposes.

Earn A Certification In Animal Training

Once you have done all your research as an animal trainer and gained experience by working in different voluntary organizations, you should then proceed to get your certifications. Furthermore, these are proof that you have the necessary knowledge and experience in training and will help you get hired for higher jobs and better salaries.

Animal Training And The Many Career Options For You

Moreover, once you have a certification in these courses, you can give your career a jump-start in animal training.

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