Animal Operations – Good Or Bad?

Animal operations are quite a debatable issue. After adopting a pet from a dog shelter or buying one from a store, your commitments increase of course. You not only have to provide your new family member with comforts and necessities, but you also have to consider some options for their good. If you want to train your pet to be an obedient animal, you will have to consider some animal operations that prove beneficial in the long run. Necessary animal operations include spaying or neutering.

General Problem With Pets

Training a pet that has not been spayed or neutered is quite difficult as they are not very obedient. Blame it on their hormones, but they can get unruly and badly behaved. Such pets are always on the lookout for a mating partner. An unplanned pregnancy for your female pet friend can be very dangerous for her health too.

Animal Operations – Neutering And Spaying

Neutering is the process of removing the reproductive glands – testes of male animals. Spaying is the process of surgical removal of female reproductive glands.

Animal Operations – Good Or Bad?

Benefits Of These Animal Operations For Health And Training

  • The risk of cancer reduces in sterilized animals. Furthermore, male dogs often get prostate cancer if they are did not go through neutering. Female dogs have a risk of getting mammary cancer. The earlier a dog goes through it, the lesser is the risk of cancer in them.
  • When you look from the behavioral perspective, male dogs who are neutered are far less aggressive. Thereby leading to fewer fights and less risk of injury or contracting contagious diseases.
  • These animal operations reduce the possibilities of wandering across the streets looking for a partner to procreate. These animals hence are more obedient and you can train them for better behavior easily.

There Is No Harm in Interfering With The Natural Reproductive Cycle Of An animal

The fact is that there is no harm to interfere with the natural reproductive cycles of dogs because by doing so, we are only helping them and ourselves from a population crisis. Millions of these animals are put down each year in animal shelters. Or store homes because they do not have a lot of space to confine them. Stray dogs die on the streets by the thousands every year. When we spay or neuter them, we are only preventing unwanted pregnancies.

Animal Operations – Good Or Bad?

Animal Operations Are Necessary For Both Male and Female

Fact – The fact is that one intact male dog can impregnate several female dogs and so males also need to get neutered. If you want to contribute your bit towards the dog overpopulation crisis, then it is best to neuter male dogs. An average female dog gives birth to 4 to 6 puppies in a year. Moreover, with this huge number of puppies born at just one go, it is best to neuter and spay them, to control the population.

Animal Operations Do Not Make Pets Overweight Or Lazy

Fact – While it is true that a neutered or spayed animal’s appetite may increase, they do not necessarily become overweight just because they are neutered or spayed. Furthermore, lack of exercise and providing too much food is the obvious reason for this. Moreover, animals have shown positive behavioral changes after spaying or neutering. After being spayed or neutered, they do not have the drive to mate and hence are calmer, friendlier and more content. Furthermore, they are less aggressive and less likely to wander about here and there looking for a potential partner.


So, whether you have a female pet dog or a male pet dog, you can get these animal operations done. These days, vets are performing animal operations too soon. Animals are spayed or neutered as early as 8 weeks old to avoid any chances of unplanned pregnancies. Moreover, animals who are spayed or neutered at a younger age recover quickly and experience less discomfort.

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