Interpreting Common Animal Behavior And Its Meaning

Strange behavior can confuse you and often alarm you. If your dog has been behaving in a peculiar way, then we can help you ascertain the reason behind the strange or weird behavior. These often indicate your dog’s state of mind and analyzing and understanding these can help you get your dog out of stress or trouble.

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Interpreting Common Animal Behavior And Its Meaning

Biting Everyone

Puppies usually nip at the owners as a sign of play. It is how they communicate or interact. But if your dog is biting, it could be out of fear, aggression or anxiety. You need to identify what is making your dog angry or scared. If you are finding it tough to train your dog not to bite, you can take the help of a professional.


If your pet has been circling around you or walking in circles elsewhere, he/she could be suffering from health issues. Sometimes, a dog might be just moving in circles as it is fun to chase your tail, but you can be the best judge here to see whether it is really playing or moving weirdly. Ear infections also cause dogs to move in circles. Older dogs might move in circles when they are suffering from the idiopathic vestibular syndrome. You should take your dog to a vet for a check-up soon.


Dogs love digging as it is a part of their nature. Some dig to escape, track animals or even to make a cool spot in the ground to lie down. Some dogs dig or scratch the ground only at night to make the perfect spot to lie down. This animal behavior is absolutely safe and there is nothing to worry about.

Eating Poop

This could be disgusting and annoying. If your dog exhibits this, you should rest assured that it is harmless. Younger dogs watch their mothers clean them after pooping and they just try to mimic her. Some dogs, even eat poop out of fear. Some may do it out of curiosity. But if you notice your dog be eating poop too often, it could be a sign of nutritional deficiency. You can feed your dog a well-balanced meal to rule out malnutrition completely.

Head Pressing

If your dog is pressing his head against the wall or any other hard surface, it could mean that it needs immediate attention. This is a common signal of a serious problem. It could mean toxic poisoning or brain disease. You should rush to the vet immediately.

Interpreting Common Animal Behavior And Its Meaning
Interpreting Common Animal Behavior And Its Meaning

Panting Excessively

When a dog pants, it is natural. Dogs release most of their body heat via their mouths. A dog pants when he is too warm to make himself cool. This is done only to regulate its body temperature. It is important to pay attention to his panting pattern as he might pant in pain too. Give it water to drink to regulate its body temperature. Then take your dog to the vet quickly to rule out any other problems.

Dog Sitting On Your Feet Between Your Legs

This is an adorable behavior but it could mean that your dog is anxious or nervous. You can calm your dog and ensure that he is feeling safe and secured to stop this.

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