Do This For Improving Animal Behavior

Animal behavior and animal training is a subject that requires a lot of research. Sometimes, they may be quite unruly and aggressive. If you got your pet from an animal shelter or rescue home, then you will have to work hard for improving animal behavior.

The Need For Improving Animal Behavior

More than millions of dogs are abandoned and left on the streets every year. Animal shelters and animal rescue centers adopt these dogs, take care of them and put them ahead for adoption. If you are someone who loves to have a furry friend as a companion, then you can consider adopting one from a dog shelter nearby. While you may want to buy one from a pet store, adopting one would be a better decision as it would help you save a life and prevent these dogs from being euthanized.

Animal shelters have thousands of dogs in cages and although they are very well cared for, the dogs do not have a real home in there. They also do not have a very self-centered training program or proper dog education to teach them all the manners an obedient dog should have. Shelter dogs can pose a few challenges and you should consider these points before taking your plunge. You will need to take steps for improving the animal behavior of a pet adopted from a rescue or shelter.

Do This For Improving Animal Behavior

Steps You Need To Take For Improving Their Behavior

If you think that all the dogs which landed in shelters are bad, then you must visit a dog shelter nearby and hear a few stories yourself. Although some owners do abandon their pets because they find them too hard to pet, the other reasons are more. They are abandoned because the owner gets into a financial crisis, or a couple gets divorced or a member of the house dies. They are also abandoned when an owner decides to relocate. These situations make them scared, timid, dependent, sad or very aggressive, badly-behaved and unruly. But just a little love can help you on your mission for improving animal behavior. Your adopted pet has not grown in your house atmosphere since he was a pup. So remember that they will need time to adjust to you and your home. They might be too aggressive or too irresponsive. You need to give time to them to adjust. Give them a lot of love and care to help them ease.

Do’s For Improving Animal Behavior

You need to give time to your dog to adjust. It is quite natural that you will want to do a lot of things with your new dogs like throwing him a party, inviting a lot of strangers or taking him to a saloon or a dog park, but all these activities might only trigger their anxiety levels. All these activities can wait until you find your dog comfortable with you and your home. An abandoned dog might get too anxious when he suddenly finds love and care. He might behave in a weird way when he sees you leave him for work. They feel this way because they remember their past troubled life. You need to be patient and give your dog time to overcome his separation anxiety. He will eventually get used to the pattern that you come home to him every evening. For that, you can leave him in the care of someone who is equally loving and patient. Leave him with a toy puzzle or dog games. Put on light soothing music to calm him down and this will eventually help you succeed in improving its behavior.

Do This For Improving Animal Behavior

Don’ts For Improving Animal Behavior

  • Do not let your dog roam freely outside the house.

It is always best to be strict with your dog initially and let them get their freedom later part by part. Be strict about crate training and house training so that your dog understands the rules of your house.

  • Do not leave your children unsupervised with new shelter dogs.

Your new adopted dog will take time to understand your kids and their demands. Kids do not understand when a dog needs to be left alone and that is the prime reason for dog bites. If you have children at home, you should always bring them to the dog shelter nearby when you are adopting a dog from there.

If you plan on improving animal behavior, take note of the above-mentioned points.

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