5 Essential Dog Accessories for Cars You Should Invest In

Dog Accessories for Cars

Do you love driving around with your dog in the car? Your pooch likely feels the same way too, but is your car truly ready to accommodate your fur baby? If your vehicle is not yet equipped to handle a traveling dog, then invest in these five important dog accessories for cars.


While your cars already have seat belts to keep you secure, dogs also need harnesses to keep them in the car. Imagine how much danger your pet is in if they are left to their own devices during a car crash. Like unsecured human passengers, your dog might end up with severe injuries if they don’t have proper harnesses.

Harness as Dog Accessories for Cars
Harness as Dog Accessories for Cars

Pet harnesses usually include a padded chest plate that is buckled to a regular seatbelt, securing the dog to the seat throughout the trip. Some harnesses can also be used for walks.

Seat Covers

If you have trained your dog to get in the car with you, you should prep your car to embrace everything your pet has to offer, including lots of fur. You wouldn’t want to battle a swirl of fur everything you open the windows to let the cool air in. The simple solution to this is to install seat covers in your car.

Fortunately, seat covers are available in different sizes and shapes to match whatever type of vehicle you have. They are also easy to install – just clip them over the headrest and securely tuck them under the edge of your car seats. You only need to unclip them, shake them out, and even machine wash them once they get dirty.

It would be best to look for a scratch-resistant and waterproof seat cover. This should protect your car seats from wet and muddy dog paws after a day of adventure outside.

Carrier Bags and Kennels

Carrier bags would work on smaller pets that need to be carried. These are designed to hold your pet inside during transport and even when you’re out of the car.

For bigger dogs, a crash-tested kennel would be among the necessary dog accessories for cars. This is even more essential accessories if you love to go on long travels with your pet. Putting your dog in a more secure kennel during an extended trip may also help relieve their motion sickness.

Pet Barriers

Aside from harnesses, your car might need pet barriers to keep the dog from wandering all over the vehicle. When they grow anxious, they might paw at you, break things in the car, or shock you with sudden barking. These distractions might cause accidents that will put you and your pet in danger. Pet barriers are available in soft fabric, wire gates, or adjustable metal tubes. Some automakers can even customize these barriers to your car. The adjustable kind can be installed to keep dogs in one place and far from the front seat, where you need to be focused on driving.

Travel and Emergency Kit

Bowl Dog Accessories for Cars
Bowl Dog Accessories for Cars

Your trip won’t be complete and safe without one of the most essential dog accessories for cars – the travel kit. This should include water, a collapsible bowl, dog food, treats, pet waste bags, and first aid supplies. If you have an anxious traveler with you, don’t forget to include emergency pet calmers, too.

Prepare for your trips with your dogs by securing these essential accessories for your cars. Make your future travel as easy and comfortable as possible for both you and your pet.

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